Working at height safety film

The latest safety film from the Napo consortium covers safe working at height, featuring the Napo cartoon character.

As with other films in the Napo series, there is no actual speech to translate just odd sounding noises, making it more like a television programme for very young children, such as Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men, or ‘Teletubbies’ depending on your generation – or perhaps a cartoon Benny Hill?

However the messages are crystal clear, and it is somewhat humorous in a weird sort of way, and although you might initially feel that it is intellectually beneath you - especially the non-intelligible dialogue - it does communicate the big issues of working at height, from risk assessments and training to fall prevention and alternative solutions, while covering a variety of different occupations and workplace situations where the risk of falling from height is an issue.

It is definitely worth a look.

Click here to view the film which can then be downloaded for use in training


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