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Valla manipulator

Italian pick & carry crane manufacturer Valla has launched a new glass handling manipulator attachment for its 900kg Valla 19, 2.2 tonne Valla 25EL and 2.5 tonne Valla 25E pick & carry cranes.

The new attachment has a 600kg capacity and offers 360 continuous rotation, 120 degrees of tilt and 35 degrees of side to side movement. The manipulator can handle flat and curved glass and is compatible with all three crane models.

Features include two speed radio remote controls, an easy change self contained battery power pack which the company claims provides up to eight hours continuous use and an adjustable connector plate which allows the manipulator to install glass directly above or below the crane. The company is also running a 'try before you buy' rental programme in some regions, including the USA.
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Valla's new glass handling manipulator is available for its Valla 19, Valla 25EL and Valla 25E pick & carry cranes


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