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Sany ships 4,000 tonne crawler

Chinese crane manufacturer Sany has unveiled its latest heavy lift crawler crane, the 4,000 tonne SCC40000A, at a ceremony held at its production facility in Huzhou, China.

We do not yet have a full specification document for the new crane, but according to information provided by the company, it has a maximum load moment of 90,000 tonne/metres, suggesting that it might be rated at around 22 metres radius. In comparison Liebherr’s 3,000 tonne LR13000 has a load moment of 65,000 tonne/metres.
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Sany’s new 4,000 tonne SCC40000A

The new crane uses a twin boom design with a maximum length of 120 metres, twin derrick booms/back masts and a suspended counterweight, allowing it to lift up to 2,000 tonnes on 100 metres of main boom.
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the new crane uses two full length booms and back masts

The first crane has completed its test programme and has been shipped to a customer in Shandong. It was ordered last August and will apparently go to work on the construction of a new nuclear power station.


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