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GSR updates 20m tele

Italian truck mounted aerial lift manufacturer GSR has updated and remounted its 20 metre B200T on the new compact Iveco and Mercedes chassis, to become the B200T4.

The B200T was most popular on the Nissan Cabstar NT400/Renault Maxity which offered a 3.4 metre wheelbase chassis, thanks to its overall length of just under seven metres - especially given that the Mercedes alternative was really long at 7.88 metres.

With the Nissan production coming to an end, an alternative was required. GSR selected two chassis for its updated B200T4 with an Iveco - on which is even shorter than the old Nissan - and a new Mercedes which is only marginally longer, but which offers a wider working envelope.
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Mounted on the 3.75 metre wheelbase Iveco with inboard levelling jacks/stabilisers , the new B200T4 offers up to 10.85 metres of outreach with one person/80kg in the platform or 7.5 metres with two people/250kg. Overall length is 6.96 metres.

It is also available on the 3.67 metre wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter, on which it has an overall length of just 7.06 metres. It features variable out and forward front outriggers, offers an outreach of up to 14 metres with one person in the basket, or 9.5 metres with 250kg platform capacity.
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On the new Mercedes chassis the B200T4 has 14 metres of outreach and variable outriggers

The B200T4 features a similar four section telescopic straight boom, with pedestal mounted platform and 180 degrees of platform rotation.