Maltech’s 100th Bronto

Swiss rental company Maltech has taken delivery of its 100th Bronto Skylift truck mounted platform with a 50 metre S 50XDT-J. The delivery also marks 50 years of partnership between the two companies.

The new machine offers a maximum outreach of 32.6 metres with an unrestricted 300kg platform capacity, while the maximum capacity of 600kg is available at up to 27.8 metres. The platform width extends from 2.5 metres to 3.7 metres and overall machine length is just under 12 metres.
Maltech’s 100th Bronto is a 50 metre S50XDT-J

The hand over (L-R) Dominik Keller of Bronto hands the new machine to Eric Hunziker

Maltech was founded in the late 1960s to carry out renovation work on steel bridges. The company’s owners learnt about Finnish manufacturer Nummella Skylift - which later changed its name to Bronto Skylift - that was making innovative truck mounted platforms in Turku, Finland. The two companies found that working together was mutually beneficial, giving Bronto the opportunity to dip its toe in the international market, while Maltech gained access to a product that it says gave it an edge when it came to bridge inspection and other work. Maltech’s first Bronto platform was delivered in June, 1970.
A Nummella Skylift NS25-3, similar to Maltech's first 'Bronto'

Chief executive/co-owner Eric Hunziker said: “We were pioneers in Switzerland, when it came to working with aerial platforms. We began to teach other craftsmen to use the machines for painting, cutting trees, or working on the roof. That period lasted 10 to 15 years. We then started the rental business, and eventually specialised on that.”

As the partnership developed, Bronto decided to set up a Swiss support office, and rented a space in the building where Maltech was based in Rümlang - on the north side of Zurich.
An early Maltech platform

Bronto’s European area manager Dominik Keller said: “We were probably the first manufacturer to install a long jacking system on our machines, allowing units to be levelled on steep slopes. This was a critical point for Maltech, because Switzerland is so hilly and mountainous. They also pushed us to develop our remote service functions and today all Bronto platforms come equipped with modems as standard, so we can provide assistance from anywhere.”

“For Maltech, the remote monitoring and diagnostics are now critical features. Good build quality and constant access to Bronto service technicians means high uptime and that translates to more business.”

Hunziker added: “Bronto is worldwide, thanks to the quality of the aerial platform itself, as well as the steel Bronto uses, and the quality of its critical welding they are all excellent. But when you tell a customer that they will have access to after sales service through the Bronto Compass remote diagnostics system, they really understand the value. You can fix a Bronto from anywhere on Earth.”

"Bronto’s product engineers have always had an open door for us. When we come to them with suggestions, they really listen to us and try to understand how they can improve the aerial platform. It’s a culture where you listen to the customer, I think. It’s very important and they always come back with an answer.”


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