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New Rosenbauer rescue platform

Rosenbauer has launched a new XS (Extra Small) 27 metre ladder platform with its L27A-XS 3.0.

The new platform has a working height of 27.6 metres and features the special XS configuration with folding jib and an inwardly offset swivel joint, which enables them to be used to their full extent even in very tight spaces. It also includes all of the manufacturer’s third generation XS technology.
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The L27A-XS is mounted on a two axle Mercedes Atego 1527 F chassis with a total permissible weight of 15 tonnes. The five section ladder boom is topped by a 4.35 metre jib. The outrigger spread is completely variable up an overall width of 4.8 metres. Features include zero tailswing and the ability to set up as close as 5.9 metres from a façade while still offering full unrestricted performance with a five person rating in the platform, as well as the ability to reach a large part of the façade from the one spot, even at lower levels.
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Basic firefighting equipment consists of a permanently mounted aluminium tube in the upper ladder section, a water supply integrated into the platform structure, water curtain jet nozzles in the cage floor, and two monitors, which are stored in the equipment rooms and, when required, can be fitted to the cage water supply.
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The first unit will be delivered to the La Rochelle fire department in France.

The new machine also includes a new fall protection system with up to 18 harness attachment points and a new personal fall prevention device, in which the safety belt retractor is located on the person themselves, as opposed to the anchorage point, so that the harness is not pulled over edges as the belt retracts and unwinds directly on the person. This ensures that emergency crews are optimally secured when working outside the cage, for example when stepping onto a balcony to help an injured person into the cage, or when they need to work along roof edges.
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