Aichi ships first all-electric tele booms

Japanese manufacturer Aichi has delivered the first units of its new all electric 46ft SP14DJE telescopic boom lift.

The new machine is essentially an all electric version of the standard diesel powered SP14DJ which was launched in April. It shares most of the fabrications from the diesel unit, including the three section boom and articulated jib and offers a similar performance in terms of speeds and rough terrain capability, with the same hydraulic four wheel drive system and oscillating axle. When it comes to power however, the diesel engine is replaced with two sealed lithium-ion battery packs and a large electric motor.
The first five SP14DJE have just been delivered to Doornbos in the Netherlands

Maximum working height is 15.9 metres, with a maximum outreach of just over 13.1 metres with an unrestricted maximum platform capacity of 270kg. The jib articulation is 130 degrees, while 180 degrees platform rotation is standard.

The machine is said to have enough power for five hours of continual cycling – more than enough for a normal shift. Recharging from empty takes around three hours with the 400 volt charger – a little longer with the 230 volt alternative. The system warns when 20 percent of charge is reached and shifts over to reserve power once it reaches 95 percent of discharge, to allow the operator time to reach a charging point.
While visually the same as the diesel models outside… its totally different story under the covers

The running gear on the new booms have been subjected to accelerated endurance testing, the batteries are said to retain at least 80 percent of original charge capacity after 3,500 full charging cycles, which is almost 10 years with a recharge every single day of the year! The main electric motor is said to be good for at least 10,000 hours of operation or more. Both battery pack and motor carry a warranty that covers them to this level.

Overall width is 2.3 metres, overall length 7.4 metres, with an overall height of 2.45 metres. Total weight is 8.5 tonnes. The first five units have been delivered to Dutch rental company Doornbos.


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