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Mammoet’s Focus 30 is ready

Mammoet’s 2,500 tonne class Focus 30 crane, used for carrying out heavy lifts in confined spaces, has completed its test programme.

The crane is now being prepared for its first job, which it is said will be in the UK. It is aimed at construction projects within small spaces such as oil refineries or cities, when work is required alongside live operations or occupied buildings. As such the boom and jib can be erected vertically. See: Mammoet Focus a step closer.
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Mammoet’s Focus30 on test

Testing took place in two phases and was observed by a Lloyd’s Register surveyor who also worked alongside Mammoet during the design phase. First, the crane was assembled in its SFSL fixed jib configuration and subjected to 125 percent of its maximum recommended load. This lasted around a week.
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Mammoet’s Focus30)
The crane was then re-assembled, in its SSL configuration, with 90 metres of boom to carry out a 1,250 tonne overload lift. The crane was submitted to side loading, slew and swing loading and regular overload tests - all of which took around three days - with the repositioning of the super lift between tests taking just two hours each time, rather than one to two days.


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