180t Grove for Polish refinery

Polish oil refining company Lotos Serwis has taken delivery of a new 180 tonne Grove GMK5180-1 All Terrain crane to help carry out maintenance, repairs and diagnostic operations as part of the modernisation and renovation efforts at one of its refineries.

Gdańsk based Lotos said that it chose the crane for its capacities and compact overall dimensions. The crane features a 64 metre main boom and 18 metre bi-fold swingaway extension and with inserts can achieve a maximum tip height of 101 metres. Other features include the MAXbase variable outrigger set up system. It was purchased through Grove dealer Zeppelin Polska, which will also provide service and maintenance, as well as training for its crane operators.
Lotos’ new Grove GMK5180-1

Lotos group chairman Paweł Jan Majewski said: “The Lotos group refinery is currently undergoing renovation and modernisation work carried out by Polish companies. Thanks to this, we modernise the plant and support local enterprises. The new crane fits perfectly on site, enabling us to complete all the tasks we need to.”

Zeppelin’s Grove sales director Marcin Mazurkiewicz added: “The combination of Grove brand quality and our support is the reason why we were selected as the supplier of the GMK5180-1 crane and we are fully ready to provide the best service.”

Lotos group is a leading producer of a wide range of fuels, lubricants, bitumen and waxes. Lotos Serwis was established in 2003 to carry out maintenance, equipment installation, repairs, diagnostics and measurements at the group’s refineries.


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