Skyjack’s biggest scissor

It is day four of Skyjack’s Skyworld virtual launch programme and the final new product unveiling is the turn new 64ft SJ9664 RT full size Rough Terrain scissor lift.

Skyjack originally announced its new SJ92 big scissor range at the ARA show in February 2019, with a planned four model range with platform heights of 33, 43, 53 and 63ft – giving working heights of 12, 15.1, 18.1 and 21.1 metres with an overall width of 2.34 metres. The first three models became available later that year while the 63 was repeatedly delayed. This has now morphed into the 64ft SJ9664 RT – so slightly wider and slightly higher. The extra width comes from a slight extension to the jacking base, in order to provide maximum stability at full height. Solid deep lug rough terrain tyres are standard, with a non-marking option. The maximum drive height is just over nine metres.

The new machine offers a working height of 21.5 metres with platform dimensions of 1.9 by 4.31 metres, with manually extended dual roll-out deck extensions taking the overall length to 7.1 metres. Maximum platform capacity is 513kg - the gap between the guardrails and the edge of the machine is just 270mm. The scissor stack is also new and has been strengthened to offer greater rigidity, while retaining the manufacturer’s well proven self-centring design that supports the platform equally at both ends regardless of height, with slide blocks moving towards the centre from both ends. Auto levelling jacks can level the machine up on slopes of up to 10 degrees front to back, or six degrees side to side.
The new SJ9664 RT

As with the smaller models in the new full size Rough Terrain scissor lift range, the SJ9664 RT uses Dana telehandler type axles linked by drive shafts with SmarTorque high efficiency drive and a differential lock for maximum traction. Power comes from a Stage V/Tier 4 Kubota diesel – with no need for particulate filters or exhaust fluid. The big scissors also feature EcoStart which shuts the engine down if it is left idling for three minutes, with a blue light alerting the operator to press the restart button when a function is required.

The new model has an overall width of 2.44 metres, and overall stowed length of 4.57 metres, a transport height of 2.77 metres and an overall weight of just under 10 tonnes. As with all new Skyjack ‘Next Generation’ products, the SJ9664 RT has the option of its Elevate telematics system, allowing operators to see engine faults and other machine information and functions through the ‘Elevate Live’ QR code system. The first units are expected to ship by the end of March.
The Axldrive system with Smartorque

Produce manager Kristopher Schmidt, said: “Similar to our DC scissor lifts, we looked at what changes were mandated by standards, both ANSI in North America and Stage V in Europe and dug a bit deeper to see how we could develop a whole new class for our customers. Bringing a machine to the market with a working height of 70 feet makes work at seven stories possible without jumping to a specialised class.”

“With this optimised balance of engine horsepower, torque, and hydraulic performance, we’ve created a cost effective solution for emission regulations and controls. Other areas we have added value to our customers are through the commonality of parts across our other full size RT scissors, impact resistant control box, and increased levelling capability with better protected components.”

The following video highlights some key features:

SJ9664 RT - LAUNCH (CE) from Skyjack Inc on Vimeo.


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