Beware of list seller scams

Every day without fail we receive several emails from 'people' offering to sell contact lists, mostly for events, which we know for an absolute fact they do not actually have. They have included Conexpo, Apex, FIT show, Executive Hire show and many many more.

In spite of 'junk tagging' the senders, or even the entire second part of their email address, they soon pop up with different addresses. They must burn through thousands of new email addresses a year?

Today, not for the first time, we were offered the contact list for Vertikal Days which of course we know for an absolute 100 percent certain fact they do not have, nor does anyone else for that matter – so clearly totally fraudulent.
Buying 'contact lists' at the very best can be a total waste of money. At worst it can be illegal if you use them.

The following is the latest example we have received re Vertikal Days:

From: Ann Schick
Sent: 16 March 2021 10:35
To: 'Vertikal'
Subject: vertikal

Team Vertikal,
Would you be interested in purchasing a contact list of Vertikal Days – Attendees?
Would you like to sell your products/services as per your required location? We assist you based on your requirements with contacts list.
Each contact is provided with complete business and contact information and we will provide you with a few samples for your review.
Let me know if you would like to ask more questions about it? I would love to answer more questions.
I look forward to hear from you soon.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Ann Schick

You can be fairly certain that no such person as Ann Schick sent this

Other examples – courtesy of Art International Zurich which collects and publishes them - include:
Kristin Davis [kristin.davis@visitorsinfolist.com]
Victoria Thamos [victoria.thamos@industryleadsinfo.com.co]
Elsie Chouinard [elsie.chouinard@globalinfratecheventmediazone.com]
Laura Brookshire [laura.brookshire@oceanbusinesszonaltrade.com]
Patricia Ryan [patricia.ryan@expolists.com]
Sophia Watson [sophia.watson@prodataleads.com]
Patricia Beard [patricia@umaxmedia.us]
Susan Craig [susan@acquireprospects.com]
Gemma Arterton [gemma.arterton@eventvisitorsinfo.com]
Rosa John [rosa.john@attendeesvisitorinfo.com]
Christopher Gibson [christopher.gibson@visitorlistsinfo.com]

Our advice is tag these as junk and absolutely do not be tempted to interact with them, if you want to waste your money, we would be happy for you to donate it to our office party fund, it will have a far more beneficial effect on your business!

Have a safe and happy weekend


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