Genie unveils two new micros

Genie has launched two new micro scissor lifts at the Hire 21 event in Gold Coast, Australia this morning in the form of the 14ft GS-1432m and 19ft GS-1932m.

The GS-1432m offers a working height of almost 6.3 metres with feedback from Genie’s telematics data shows that 95 percent of 20ft scissor lifts never go above 16ft – or a working height of 6.8 metres.
The new 14ft Genie GS-1432m

The new scissors are just 1.4 metre long

The 810mm wide GS-1432m is rated for full height working both indoors and outdoors and yet weighs less than 900kg, making it ideal for one tonne elevators/lifts. The overall stowed height is just 1.88 metres, allowing easy passage through a standard doorway without the need to fold down guardrails. Maximum platform capacity is 227kg, complete with a 600mm roll-out deck.
The GS-1432m uses three scissor sets

The 600mm roll-out deck

The GS-1932m is also 810mm wide as is the full width platform, while the overall length is 1.4 metres and overall stowed height 1.97 metres. It offers a maximum indoor working height of 7.6 metres, or 7.2 metres outdoors. Weight 1,179kg, it has a maximum platform capacity of 227kg with a two person rating and a 600mm deck extension.
The new GS-1932m

Both models are under 2 metre high, while the GS-1432m weighs just 900kg

Both of the new lifts feature direct electric wheel motor drive, using the same brushless, sealed AC motors as the other Genie E-Drive scissor lifts, for greater battery life between recharges.

Product manager Michael Flanagan said: “Our new micro scissors are lightweight and compact enough to drive through doorways with fixed guardrails, be transported in standard elevators, and feature front wheel drive with a zero degree inside turning radius — which means they are highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces. But, despite their compact footprint, the platform is sized to ensure two people can work comfortably together in the platform.”

“Not only are these new micro scissors a safe alternative to ladders and a more productive alternative to vertical mast lifts, they also are well suited for any job where you might normally use a standard 25ft scissor lift, making them a truly versatile, do it all machine on any jobsite and in any rental fleet. With Genie E-Drive, they are four times more efficient than traditional hydraulic drive systems and can run 30 percent longer on a single charge for greater productivity on the jobsite while reducing lifetime battery costs by up to 20 percent.”

The GS-1432m and the GS-1932m will be available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Russia, the Asia Pacific region, South America and China immediately. In North America the GS-1932m will be available in the fourth quarter, with the ANSI version of the GS-1432m is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

Hire 21, the annual convention and exhibition of the Hire and Rental Association of Australia and the Elevating Work Platform Association, opened today on Queensland's Gold Coast and will run through tomorrow evening.

Vertikal Comment

We have yet to see the final spec sheet, but on the surface these look like two sound editions to the Genie slab electric scissor lift range. The GS-1432m in particular ought to do well, given its indoor outdoor rating at full height, coupled with its overall weight. Interestingly the unit uses three scissor sets, while the 13ft GS-1330m uses four.

It will be interesting to see what the company does with the nine existing 13, 15 and 19ft models. The 15 and 19ft models offer a slightly longer deck, and a little more capacity on the 15fts and they are also available with an overall width of 760mm. We will look to do a side by side comparison in the next Cranes & Access magazine.


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