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Second Palazzani for Riminigru

Italian access and crane rental company Riminigru has taken delivery of its second 43 metre Palazzani XTJ 43+ spider lift in 18 months.

The XTJ 43+ provides an outreach of 18 metres with an unrestricted capacity of 120kg, while an outreach of 15.3 metres is possible with its 330kg maximum platform capacity.

Features include automatic outrigger set up and return home functions, the company’s PALConnect telematics and GPS tracking system and a 500kg winch. The two spider lifts will be predominately used to assist with the installation of 5G antennas throughout the regions of Emilia Romagna and Marche.
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Riminigru’s two 43 metre Palazzani XTJ 43+ spider lifts

Riminigru director Andrea Ferri, said: “We are enthusiastic of the Palazzani machines performances that allow us to work in important building sites with full satisfaction. We expect to work for 12 to 24 months in this application.”

Based in Rimini, Riminigru offers a range of All Terrain and loader cranes with capacities up to 100 tonnes alongside spider lifts and truck mounted lifts. It also has a dedicated transport and haulage division.