New Liebherr flat top

Liebherr has added to its EC-B flat top tower crane range with the introduction of its 10 tonne 205 EC-B 10, with the first units being sold in France and Italy.

Filling the gap between the company’s eight tonne 172 EC-B 8 and 10 tonne 220 EC-B 10, the 205 EC-B 10 has a maximum jib length of 65 metres and a maximum hook height of 68.2 metres. It can handle its maximum capacity at a radius of 18 metres and has a jib tip capacity of 2.1 tonnes.
The 205 EC-B 10 has a jib length of 65 metres and a 2.5 tonne jib tip capacity

Features include a 45kW hoist offering lift speeds of up to 139 metres a minute, slideable pins for connecting the slewing platform with the jib and counter jib, and Liebherr’s LiCAB cab. As of November, models will also be fitted with Liebherr’s TC-OS multi-touch display, currently used in its 125 K self-erecting tower cranes.

Offering compact dimensions, the company claims the entire slewing section together with full jib and top ballast can be transported with just four transport vehicles, with capacity remaining for tower sections or central ballast.


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