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700t Demag for TNT

US crane group TNT Cranes & Rigging has taken delivery of a third 700 tonne Demag AC 700-9 All Terrain crane. The crane was supplied by North American distributor CraneWorks and is the largest crane it has sold to date.

Replacing an older AC 700-9 in TNT’s fleet, the nine axle crane features a five section 60 metre main boom plus a 96 metre luffing jib and the company’s Sideways Superlift system for a maximum tip height just over 151 metres. The new crane can travel complete with its main boom without exceeding 12 tonne axle loads.

CraneWorks chief executive Keith Ayers, said: “We deal with trade-ins every day, but I can’t remember the last time someone asked us to sell them the same model they were trading in. It was exciting to work with the crew over at TNT on this project, especially since it was the largest All Terrain crane we’ve ever sold.”
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TNT's new AC 700-9 is the third in its fleet

CraneWorks sales representative Randy Harris, added: “The crane was picked up on a Tuesday morning, TNT’s expert crew had it fully assembled in multiple configurations and certified by Saturday evening, and it went straight to work the next week. There aren’t many machines this size that go from sitting in crates to the jobsite that quickly. It’s a credit to Tadano Demag’s engineering, to the service techs from Tadano and CraneWorks who were onsite for hands-on support, and to TNT’s unparalleled knowledge of the AC 700-9 that the crane was work-ready so fast.”

Based in Houston, Texas, TNT operates a fleet of 690 cranes from 40 locations throughout the USA and Canada. In August 2020, it filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection but exited the process in October last year with a new $225 million term loan. More recently it agreed a $504 million asset based refinancing deal to pay off its outstanding debts.

The following is a short video of the set up of TNT’s new crane:


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