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18 Liebherrs for Hanyš

Czech crane rental company Hanyš has ordered 18 Liebherr All Terrain and crawler cranes as it celebrates 30 years in the business.

Founded by Rostislav Hanyš in 1991, the company purchased its first crane - a 20 tonne AD 20 truck crane on a Tatra chassis - which it operated from its location in Prague. This crane was soon joined by an AD 28 and a Coles 64. Today, Hanyš runs a fleet of 108 cranes - 100 of which are Liebherrs - from 20 locations in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia. The company also provides heavy haulage services with a fleet of 30 vehicles.
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Hanyš has celebrated its 30th anniversary with an order for 18 Liebherr cranes

With further locations opening in 2022, the new cranes include the 35 tonne LTM 1030-2.1, 50 tonne LTC 1050-3.1, 55 tonne LTM 1055-3.2, 70 tonne LTM 1070-4.2, 120 tonne LTM 1120-4.1, 230 tonne LTM 1230-5.1 and 750 tonne LG 1750 lattice truck crane. It also includes a number of smaller telescopic crawler cranes with deliveries scheduled across the coming months.
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(L-R) Thomas Fiesel of Liebherr with Alena Hanyšová, Rostislav Hanyš, Milan Hanyš and Jitka Hanyšová of Hanyš plus Karel Kladiva of Klimex

Company founder Rostislav Hanyš, said: “I saw a Liebherr LTM 1070/1 for the very first time. It was an accident damaged crane which was standing in the yard at Klimex. I decided I had to stop and take a closer look at that crane. It quickly became clear to me that Liebherr is the number one in the market for mobile and crawler cranes. And I want to be the leading crane rental contractor in Czechia. If you want to be number one, you need top quality machinery and equipment. That is why the LTM 1070/1 marked the start of our partnership – and today we have lots of cranes, almost all of them supplied by Liebherr.”
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A young Rostislav Hanyš on the Liebherr stand with its 300 tonne LTM 1300

Karel Kladiva, owner of Liebherr dealer Klimex, added: “At the time, we took back the All Terrain crane as an accident damaged crane, we repaired it and finally sold it to Hanyš. That marked the start of our partnership, which continues today and is growing ever closer.”