Two ladders and church roof

Last weekend a small team of men set out to repair damage to the roof of St John's Church in Tralee, Ireland, following Storm Barra.

Sadly, their idea of powered access was not one that anyone anywhere would countenance. They used a telehandler with a material bucket plus two long ladders, initially with one man in the bucket and one straddling the ladders. Then both of them proceeded up the ladders. All this in the middle of town!

A video of the event has been all over social media this week, so many of you will have seen it already. In fact many of you have sent us photos or video clips of it. In case you have not seen it already, the full video is below.

Many will ask what our man was doing filming it when he should have warned them of the risks and how to do it better. However, you can imagine his approach would probably not have been warmly received.

We assume that these guys made it down safely. An enterprising aerial lift provider might want to call on the diocese.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series. Have a safe and pleasant weekend.


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