100t Tadano for Mitterhauser

Austrian crane company Kran Mitterhauser has taken delivery of a 100 tonne four axle Tadano ATF-100-4.1/AC 4.110-1.

The new crane features a 60 metre main boom plus 10.1 to 17.4 metre bi-fold swingaway extension which can be extended to 31.9 metres for a maximum tip height of almost 96 metres.

The crane can carry 9.2 tonnes of counterweight, plus the bi-fold swingaway within 12 tonne axle loads. In this configuration it can take 7.3 tonnes to a radius of 14 metres on the fully extended main boom. The maximum radius in this configuration is 34 metres where the capacity is 500kg.

The crane also has variable outrigger set-up with each beam able to be extended to different widths to create an asymmetrical outrigger base. The actual set-up is monitored and fed into the crane’s intelligent AML crane control system which establishes an optimised chart for that configuration.

Kran Mitterhauser has been buying Tadano cranes for almost 30 years and has worked with every model released by the manufacturer in that time. So, when it needed a new 100 tonner it had no hesitation to go with another Tadano.
The new crane ready to leave the Tadano plant

Managing director Helmut Mitterhauser said: “We have just had so many positive experiences in the many years that we have been counting on Tadano. The robust and economical machines are real workhorses, the service is always good and our crane drivers enjoy how intuitive the cranes are to operate. We have already worked with the previous 90 tonne model in our fleet and our drivers never had any problems with it, so we know the 100 tonner will be no different."

“The crane can be combined with various boom extensions with a runner and second winch. These accessories will allow us to use the machine as an alternative to a tower crane. The second winch, for example, can be used to turn and tilt concrete components, which is extremely practical for short jobs in prefabricated construction.”

Kran Mitterhauser is based in Zell an der Pram - due west of Linz towards the border with Germany - and runs a fleet of 27 mobile cranes with a staff of 70. Its work varies from prefabricated concrete construction to industrial moving, salvage work and tree pruning.


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