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New Liebherr EC-B flat top

Liebherr has added a new model to the top end of its EC-B series of flat top tower cranes - the 16 or 20 tonne 470 EC-B.

The new cranes offer jib lengths of up to 80 metres built up in sections from 2.5 metres to 10 metres. Jib tip capacity on the 16 tonne version is 3.2 tonnes, reduced to three tonnes on the 20 tonner. A three metre jib extension takes the maximum jib radius to 83 metres, at which point jib tip capacities are 2.4 and 2.2 tonnes respectively.
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The new Liebherr 470 EC-B

The 470 EC-B can be connected to both the 24 HC 420 and 24 HC 630 Liebherr tower systems but has been optimised for the 24 HC 420 tower for freestanding hook heights of up to 67.8 metres while a freestanding hook height of 96 metres is achievable with the 24 HC 630 tower. Designed for easy assembly and transport, the jib and counter jib can be attached to the slewing platform with Liebherr’s quick assembly connections, while only five trucks are needed to transport the slewing platform with jib, counter jib and counter ballast.
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The new crane is available with one of three versions of the LiCAB crane cab - the LiCAB Basic, LiCAB Air or LiCAB AirPlus. All three offer a floor space of more than two square metres, an unrestricted glazed area providing the crane operator with a clear view of the site and the load to be lifted, and an ergonomic control stand. A newly developed 12 inch intuitive display screen incorporates the Tower Crane Operating System (TC-OS).
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The information display screen

An 8.6 square metre LED advertising panel can be configured to ensure a substantial long distance effect and visibility, particularly at the onset of twilight and at night. The panels don’t have to be mounted separately during assembly and can remain in place on the counter jib end section during transport.