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Dino trio for Hofmann

German crane and access rental company Hofmann Kran-Vermietung has taken delivery of three Dinolift T-model trailer lifts. They include a 15 metre Dino 15 TII with up to 10 metres of outreach and 215kg platform capacity, total weight is 1,675kg. The company has also taken two 18 metre Dino 180Ts with 10.7 metres of outreach, 230kg platform capacity and an all up weight of 1,840kg. The units were purchased though Dinolift’s local distributor Hematec Arbeitsbühnen and handed over by Michael Schapperth.
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The handover

All three are equipped with a 230 volt AC mains motor drive for indoor or quiet outside operation in addition to a Hatz diesel for more typical outdoor work. The units also have a third battery powered auxiliary control system complete with its own hydraulic pump for emergencies, allowing the operator to descend if the other two should fail.
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((L-R) Michael König of Hofmann, Michael Schapperth from Hematec and Dieter Abt of Hofmann

Hofmann Kranvermietung is based in Paderborn and is part of the Bracht group of companies while also being a Partnerlift association member. It began offering mobile crane rentals in 1962, and now runs a fleet of 35 units topped by a 750 tonner. The total fleet size, including aerial work platforms is around 160 machines.