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Jekko moves into Hungary

Spider, pick & carry and mini crawler crane manufacturer Jekko has appointed Axiál as its distributor for Hungary.
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The Axial team at Jekko headquarters for training (L-R)_Enrico Possamai and Alessio Forcolin of Jekko with Dávid Sziládi, Szilárd Csutorás, Zoltan Lakatos, Peter Bakity, Bertold Baranyi, Norbert Bűdi, Zoltán Rodák, Bálint Kövecs all from Axiál

Established in 1991, Axiál distributes a range of agricultural and construction equipment. Nine years later it was appointed as the Claas importer and distributor to Hungary. In 2002 it added the distribution of Fendt tractors and equipment. It also operates a rental subsidiary Manax. More recently it has been working with the building and construction sector. Based in Bajo due south of Budapest near the Serbian border it operates from a total of 19 locations across Hungary and also owns operations in Romania and Slovakia.
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Axiál operates from 19 locations in Hungary

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Axiál’s HQ in Baja, Southern Hungary

Péter Bakity, product manager of Axiál’s construction equipment division said: “We were looking for quality machinery and at the end of a long and careful research we chanced upon Jekko. This brand immediately appealed to us for its innovative, highly technical and versatile machines. Our choice to work with Jekko Cranes derives from several aspects, the main reason being the product quality and the wide range of works these machines can carry out, such as lifting and installation of glass panes, which is currently one of the most asked for services in our country.”

“I am really proud to represent the Jekko brand in Hungary. This type of machines is brand new in comparison with what we usually deal in, but Jekko mini cranes will open the door to a new range of applications in many different working areas where we’ll be able to cope with most of the market requests, offering new and innovative products. I thank my collaborators and our new Italian colleagues for this new business relationship."
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Axiál’s Péter Bakity

Jekko district manager Alessio Forcolin added: “Working with Axiál is a great chance because this company has several stores in Hungary and a long experience in the building and construction industry. Partnering with Axiál will be an opportunity for Jekko to grow in a new market along with a local leader. This is a major chance for our company to develop in the Eastern European marketplace."
Sales director Alberto Franceschini said: “Companies don’t only derive from good business. They’re first and foremost generated by people that share ideas, visions and projects. We think that Axiál’s ongoing choice to offer innovative solutions on the market is a far-sighted vision and we hope it will yield great success over time, also for the sales of Jekko products."