Turkish web initiative

Turkish aerial lift rental company Dekas Makina has set up a new online rental 'conglomeration' site, Makina Kolay.com which literally translates as easymachine.com.

The intention is to encourage current and prospective customers to seek all of their rental equipment needs for a particular project on the site with ancillary equipment provided by companies working with Dekas. It claims to already have 5,000 rental suppliers on its database, alongside its 30,000 strong customer list.

Dekas Makina (Duzey Ekipman Kiralama) hopes that the new initiative will help it exploit other segments of the rental market, including earthmoving and material handling machines.

Ataman Seferoglu of Dekas said: “Our new brand makinakolay.com is a marketplace that brings rental customers and rental companies together in order to search for all types of rental equipment and suppliers throughout Turkey.”

Vertikal Comment

Virtual rental equipment online platforms find it notoriously difficult to work profitably in markets we cover, in that they rely on a wide variety of rental suppliers with very differing ideas on machine quality, service and customer responsiveness to work together but also in competition with each other.

The aerial lift rental industry remains too people focused for a conglomerator platform to become a mainstream solution for most end users, although online ordering is, of course, growing rapidly, but mostly on the dedicated websites of major rental companies, rather than those of conglomerators. This one is of course a hybrid and possibly as much a ‘one call/one stop shop’ service and it will be interesting to see how well it works out.


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