25m Multitel for Target

UK based fire inspection and building maintenance company Target Maintenance GB has taken delivery of a new 25 metre Multitel MZ250 on a 4.5 tonne Mercedes chassis, which offers a cargo payload of 750kg. The unit was purchased through local dealer Independent Access Sales - IAS.

The unit has a working height of 25.1 metres, an outreach of up to 14.35 with 80kg in the platform, or just over 13 metres with the maximum platform capacity of 250kg. It can also reach up to 2.5 metres below ground level. The unit is equipped with the MUSA Multitel Self Adapting outreach system which automatically adjusts the working envelope depending on the actual outrigger positions selected, the slew point of the superstructure and the load in the platform.
The handover

Greg Moore of Multitel, Dan Rochester of Target Maintenance and Richard Martin of IAS

Target is based in Silsoe, due south from Bedford/east of Milton Keynes. In addition to offering a wide range of residential and industrial maintenance services, fire protection services and inspections, it operates several vehicle mounted work platforms and spider lifts up to 25 metres.


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