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All Electric Böcker crane

One of the new product launches at Bauma that could easily have been missed was the new six tonne Böcker AK48 and more importantly the all-electric AK48e version which is mounted on a 27 tonne, battery powered Mercedes eActros electric chassis which uses three lithium-ion battery packs with a range of around 300km between charges.
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The new all-electric Bocker AK48e

Once on site the crane uses the battery pack to operate an electric powered pump. The recharging time is said to take an hour and 15 minutes taking the battery from 20 to 80 percent and the crane can operate while plugged into a 160kW charging point.

As with the standard AK48, the new crane has a standard three tonne maximum capacity which it can handle at a 15.5 metre radius and take to the hook height of 33 metres. Many companies will opt for the six tonne option which the crane can handle at 8.5 metres and take to a height of 18.5 metres.
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The four section boom topped by a three section jib

The crane features a four section formed steel lower/main boom topped by a three section aluminium upper boom/telescopic luffing jib, with the option of a three metre inline extension, taking the maximum tip height to 52 metres and the maximum radius to 41 metres.
The AK48 offers an additional benefit over most other aluminium truck cranes, in that the main boom can be elevated to 90 degrees, while the upper boom can luff though 180 degrees and operate in the horizontal position, providing a tower crane like configuration, with a clearance under the top boom/jib of 34.7 metres and a fully extended radius of 14.4 metres with a capacity of 1,000kg. If the three metre extension is installed the radius increases to 17.3 metres with a capacity of 500kg.
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The AK48 can operate in a tower crane configuration

The AK48 has an outrigger spread of 6.1 metres or 4.23 metres with one side only extended. Slew is 360 degree continuous.
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The full range diagram