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Boom takes scissor

A man was seriously injured, when a boom lift knocked over a scissor lift in a Singapore yard on December 28th.

Information on the incident is minimal, but from what we have gleaned from a number of sources, as well as a photograph, the man was in the elevated narrow aisle scissor lift working just inside a building when the riser of a large stowed articulated boom lift collided with it as the boom lift was being driven into the building. The boom was unaffected, but the narrow slab scissor went over throwing its occupant to the concrete floor.
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As soon as we learn more, we will of course update this item. While those responsible for the site are not sharing the information, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower - MOM - is pretty diligent at reporting and following up on such occurrences, as it attempts to reduce such incidents.

In another completely unrelated incident in Singapore, a man died on December 27th after he was crushed by a machine that came off the forks of a fork truck. The man, who has been named as Ely Chow, 31, was taken to hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. The incident occurred at the premises of ST Engineering Advanced Material Engineering.

While one of our contacts in the city state claimed that the ‘machine’ was a platform, we believe that he was simply confusing the two incidents, and that in this case the machine was in fact a large machine tool. When we learn more, we will clarify the situation.
We understand that a man was arrested in relation to the incident, but we have not yet heard if he has been charged or released, and how he was connected with the incident.