100t Grove for Engl

Austrian company Engl has added a new 100 tonne Grove GMK4100L-2 All Terrain crane to its fleet.

The four axle GMK4100L-2 features a seven section 60 metre main boom and can be topped with a 9.7 to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension, with an additional eight metre insert for a maximum tip height of 89 metres. Engl took the optional two metre stub jib which stows on the side of the main boom and can offset by up to 40 degrees, providing a maximum tip height of 65 metres.

The crane carrier has an overall width of 2.55 metres and an overall length of 11.18 metres. It can carry up to 6.8 tonnes of its 26 tonnes maximum counterweight within 12 tonne axle loads, making it a good taxi crane. In countries where higher axle loads are permitted, it can travel with up to 21.2 tonnes, with axle loads of 16.5 tonnes. The crane also includes the latest Grove carrier cab, a fuel efficient Stage V Mercedes diesel with ECO mode and 100 percent HVO fuel compatibility.

General manager Wolfgang Engl said: “The Grove GMK4100L-2 is the only 100 tonne crane with a 60 metre main boom that can drive with its second hoist and heavy duty jib on board while also carrying counterweight. The boom length on this crane compared to its overall size means you can complete jobs that you just wouldn’t be able to do with other similar size cranes. It is especially good for accessing confined jobsites, which are becoming increasingly common.”

“When you sit inside the new carrier cab you get such a feeling of space, and all the controls are clearly arranged and easy to reach. Our drivers spend a lot of time in the cab travelling from one job to another, and I know that with the GMK4100L-2 they will arrive relaxed and ready to work.”

Engl has six All Terrain cranes in its fleet, topped by a 220 tonne Tadano ATF 220, but this is the third Grove, the other two being a 150 tonne five axle GMK5150L and a three axle 60 tonne GMK3060. Based in Schwoich, near the German border roughly half way between Innsbruck and Salzburg in the Tyrol, Engl was established in 1981 as a metal fabricator, adding cranes to help with metal installations, which led to crane rental. It later added a civil engineering division and has become an expect in pile driving and extraction.


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