Automated STS cranes for Wilhelmshaven

Eurogate Container Terminal in Wilhelmshaven, Germany has ordered two Liebherr dual trolley ship to shore container cranes.

The cranes, which are automated, have a lift height of 54.5 metres and a forward reach of 73 metres, plus a 30.48 metre span between legs and an operational back reach, with the secondary trolley, of 26 metres. The cranes are not equipped with an operator’s cab, but are supplied with Liebherr Remote Operator Stations.

Designed for tandem operation, the primary trolley lifts the container from the vessel and delivers it automatically to the ‘pinning platform’ on the crane. The containers rest on frames whilst the twist locks (pins) are removed. Once the pinning personnel leave the platform, they activate the secondary trolley, which automatically lifts and delivers the container to the landside Automated Guided Vehicles.

Liebherr has supplied 20 STS cranes to Eurogate Terminals in recent years, and also delivered eight units to the Tanger Alliance in Morocco, in which Eurogate is a shareholder.

The cranes will be the first double trolley container cranes at the Wilhelmshaven terminal and can handle the world’s largest container vessels. In fact, Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s only deep water port allowing ultra-large container vessel access at all tides.

The terminal is gearing up for significant growth and at the same time expanding and modernising into a fully automated terminal.

Liebherr’s Gerry Bunyan said: “It is an honour for us at Liebherr to continue our partnership with Eurogate and to supply these important cranes to CTW. Eurogate has first hand experience with Liebherr’s ship to shore container cranes and have come to know and rely on the high quality cranes and service that Liebherr provides. Our technical ability is well recognised and we look forward to delivering state of the art industry leading STS cranes to CTW and to seeing them playing a key role in the terminal’s future.”


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