Two more Tadanos for Jaromin

German crane rental company Jaromin has taken delivery of two more Tadano All Terrains.

The company took a three axle 55 tonne AC 3.055-1 late last summer, and has now collected two new 80 tonne AC 4.080-1 All Terrains complete with a Tadano E-Pack.

Launched last year, the new four axle cranes feature a seven section 60 metre main boom topped by an 8.5 to 16 metre bifold swingaway extension for a maximum tip height of almost 79 metres. The crane can carry up to 9.3 tonnes of counterweight and the heavy duty 6.5 metre swingaway extension within 12 tonne axle loads. It can also achieve 10 tonne axle loads with 3.3 tonnes of counterweight, hook block and 400kg of rigging. Features include the Flex Base variable outrigger set-up with automatic sensing and load chart generation along with 'Surround View' and boom tip camera systems and wireless remote controls.
The handover

Managing director Lars Jaromin said: “As far as we are concerned, the AC 3.055-1 has proved a true all-rounder that we can use as a versatile taxi crane in industrial buildings, concrete construction projects, and even when setting pools in place. “The 10 tonne axle load configuration makes us much more flexible when it comes to planning routes, and that ultimately means that we save tonnes of time and money with the AC 3.055-1. So the decision to purchase the AC 4.080-1 was a no brainer.”
(L-R) Lars Jaromin, Georg Giesen, Klaus Weiland, Dirk Schenkel and Dimitrij Hartwig of Jaromin with Helge Prüfer of Tadano plus Markus Rühr and Olaf Jaromin of Jaromin

“It is extremely manoeuvrable, which is a huge advantage given that sites are getting tighter and tighter, while the 10 tonne axle loads means we can usually get to our job sites without having to take time consuming detours. The E-Pack also makes them well suited to indoor areas and cleanrooms with zero-emission and low-noise.”

Established in 1982, Jaromin is based in Oberhausen and runs an extensive fleet that includes regular and City type All Terrains, telescopic crawler cranes, mobile self-erecting tower cranes and a wide range of Maeda and Jekko spider cranes.


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