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No more Spierings diesels

Dutch mobile self-erecting tower crane manufacturer Spierings is to stop producing conventional diesel cranes.

In future Spierings will only produce hybrid or pure electric models making it the first crane manufacturer to abandon regular diesel powered models.

Spierings hybrid models use Lithium-ion battery packs to power the crane which can also operate when plugged into a 16 Amp AC outlet which keeps the battery pack topped up. They are also equipped with a small three cylinder Stage V diesel with generator. Spierings has already delivered more than 150 ‘eLift’ electric cranes.
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Chief executive Koos Spierings said: “The reason for the choice is the strong growth in hybrid cranes and the drive to do the most for people, nature and the environment. The electrification of the construction site can only succeed if the manufacturer leads the way. Our domestic customers already realise that this is the future. For our foreign customers, it will take some adjustment, but we are sure they will soon see the benefits of this decision as well. Eventually, conventional diesel cranes will die out.”

Spierings introduced its first electric City Boy crane in 2017, extending the concept to its larger model in 2020 See: Spierings ships new e-Lift cranes
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A Spierings eLift crane - low noise and zero emissions