New city centre Multitel

Italian truck mount and spider lift manufacturer Multitel has launched a new 17 metre platform on a compact Piaggio Porter NP6 Long Range, powered by propane gas (LPG) or petrol/gasoline. The new MXE 170 articulated platform has a working height of 16.9 metres with a maximum outreach of 8.67 metres over the rear at an up & over height of 5.5 metres, or 7.5 metres at and up & over height of 6.8 metres over the side or rear. Maximum platform capacity is 250kg/two people at an outreach of six metres.

The lift has an overall length of 5.85 metres, an overall chassis width of 1.8 metres with fixed inboard jacking and an overall height of 2.55 metres, while the overall weight 2,800kg. The new machine has been designed for use in the narrow urban streets of historical town centres and other areas with limited space. Slew is 400 degrees, while the 1.2 metre by 700mm basket has 100 degrees of rotation.

The unit is equipped with Multitel’s EVE load moment sensing system, in which the working envelope is automatically adjusted depending on the load in the platform while smoothing out sudden movements. A telematics system is optional with GPS tracking, machine status display and remote diagnostics.
The choice of LPG is aimed at markets where gas is less expensive, while reducing pollution. The company says that it is easy to operate and is targeting building, maintenance and installation operations.

Best year ever

Multitel Pagliero says that 2022 was its best ever in terms of volume, with 2,220 truck mounted platforms produced, and 2,255 shipped. Thanks to recent investments weekly production levels increased from 41 units a week in January to 51 units by the end of the year.
Of the units shipped 30 percent were delivered to customers in Italy, while 70 percent of the shipments went overseas.


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