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Platform overturn

Eight people were injured after a truck mounted lift overturned in Hong Kong on Saturday.

The incident occurred during a film shoot outside of the Regal Oriental Hotel in Kowloon City. The eight people were all in the large scissor lift platform, of what looks very much like a 20 metre Tadano AT-200S.
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The platform, which has a maximum capacity of one tonne, is mounted on the end of a four section telescopic boom. The men were reportedly working at a height of around 15 metres when for some reason the machine lost stability and overturned.
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The cause of the incident was almost certainly down to overloading, compounded by the fact that the crew were using a heavily counterweighted camera boom. Ground conditions were good and did not contribute to the incident. The lift was working alongside a crane which had hoisted a large reflective panel towards the top of the building, the platform came down onto the crane chassis which possibly cushioned the impact a little.
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This was apparently taken just prior to the incident occurring, although we have not been able to confirm that categorically

Most of those involved in the incident suffered mostly superficial injuries, such as chest, neck and shoulder bruises, but two men - one 32 and the other 61 - suffered fractured limbs, and one a fractured skull. He was unconscious when the emergency services arrived and remains in a serious condition.
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In a joint statement, the two companies making the film - Emperor Motion Pictures and 7th Day Film - expressed their deep regret over the incident and confirmed that eight members of the film crew had been taken to hospital for treatment and were receiving appropriate care. It also confirmed that they were benefiting from the insurance policy covering the film crew.

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