Sinoboom product launches, summit and celebrations

Chinese self-propelled aerial lift manufacturer Sinoboom staged a series of events earlier this month in its home city of Changsha, China to celebrate 15 years in business, break ground on a new facility, show off its updated production plant and demonstrate its recent new product launches.

Sadly, the event conflicted with Vertikal Days, which precluded our attendance and immediate reporting, thus we are catching up now. The series of events kicked off with a ‘Global Partners Summit’ with Sinoboom customers from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and South America attending, along with local customers. The visitors then went out to look at the product range, including recent introductions and a brand new model.

New Product introductions

The product demonstrations and new product launches included the new 52ft all-electric AB16EJ Plus /AB520EJ Plus articulated boom lift, with twin sigma type risers, two section telescopic boom and articulating jib, providing a working height of 17.8 metres and three platform capacities - 250kg, 340kg and 454kg - with outreaches of nine, eight and seven metres respectively, all at an up and over height of 7.9 metres.
The AB16EJ/AB520EJ Plus electric RT boom lift

Susan Xu explains the tech

Another new platform launch was the 32ft AB10ERJN industrial zero tailswing articulated boom lift with dual risers, two section telescopic boom and articulating jib with 180 degrees of jib rotation as well as 180 degrees of platform rotation. The machine offers a working height of 11.6 metres along with 6.3 metres of outreach at an up & over height of 4.6 metres with a platform capacity if 230kg. It has an overall width of 1.19 metres and weighs 6,760kg.
The 32ft AB10ERJN...

...with a working height of 11.6m

The company also unveiled a completely new model, a classic 12ft mast type lift, the VM04E/ VM12E. The new model offers a working height of 5.8 metres with a platform capacity of 227kg, direct electric drive, an overall length of 1.38 metres, an overall width of 780mm, with an overall height of 1.6 metres while weighing 785kg. The machine then went straight to the CICEE (China International Construction Equipment Exhibition) in Changsha for its public unveiling.
Sinoboom’s new 12.5ft VM12E/VM4E

Vertikal Comment As with most models of this type the VM12E is certified for indoor use only. It is very much a ‘me too’ product which is exactly what the market wants, unlike some models it does not include a deck extension, but that does help provide a little more working height while keeping the weight down, which for many users are more attractive features.
The new VM makes its public debut at CICEE

Sinoboom Summit

The following day the company hosted an industry summit to discuss the current market situation including panel discussions with Sinoboom’s co-founder and chief executive Susan Xu, and global branding director, Tim Whiteman.
Tim Whiteman hosts a panel discussion - here with Desmond Ong of Galmon - Singapore

Susan Xu of Sinoboom addresses the room

Sinoboom chairman and co-founder Steven Liu said: “In the future, with a strong demand for product iteration and replacement in high end markets in Europe and the United States, expansion of segmented markets around the world and the introduction to new applications and technologies in China, the global high end machinery industry will surely maintain steady and sustained growth."
Steven Liu at the podium

New facility - and awards dinner

Finally, a formal ground breaking ceremony was held for the Sinoboom Phase II Intelligent Manufacturing Park, which, the company says, will take the level of automation and ‘intelligent manufacturing’ to new levels.
The ground breaking ceremony
The plant tour

The event was rounded off with an awards dinner, with awards were presented to many of its dealers and partners in recognition of the role they have played in Sinoboom’s growth and success.
The dinner
The awards presentation


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May 27, 2023

The rate of new* machines coming out of china is insane. I think we are all keen to see how these brands hold up when they are no longer living out the pocket of the Chinese government, who won't be able to carry them forever.

May 24, 2023

Graeme Davison
These look 'Genie'-ous products !

May 24, 2023