More E trucks for Kranpunkten

The Swedish rental company Kranpunkten is adding more all electric delivery trucks to its aerial lift transport fleet.

The company took its first unit last year as part of its strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030, the unit has worked well enough to order two more for Stockholm and Malmö, with further units planned after that.
Kranpunkten’s first electric truck

Andreas Wåhlander regional ,manager Kranpunkten West said “The use of electric trucks for equipment transport is a measure to reduce our environmental footprint in an area where we have the greatest environmental impact. Our experience with the first electric truck in Gothenburg shows that our customers also really value the possibility of more sustainable delivery.”

Kranpunkten i Båstad, to give the company its full name, is based in Förslöv, southern Sweden and runs 4,500 unit fleet of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, forklifts, spider cranes, glass handling robots and personal/material lifts from depots in Uppsala, Stockholm, Malmö and three locations in the Gothenburg area, with around 110 employees.