More hybrids for Cologne

The Parks department of the city of Cologne in Germany, has taken delivery of five 23 metre Ruthmann TBR 230 S7 Hybrid telescopic truck mounted lifts. They join three TBR 230 HV 5 Hybrids in the department’s fleet. Mounted on 7.5 tonne Mercedes chassis, they will be used for the maintenance of the city’s trees in parks and cemeteries etc...

The new TBR 230 S7 Hybrid has an outreach of up to 17.5 metres over the rear quadrant with 100kg in the basket, while the 250kg maximum capacity is available at up to 13 metres. The capacity reduces to 14.8 metres over the side, The unit is equipped with Ruthmann’s Rüssel articulating jib which offers 185 degrees of articulation.

The TBR 230 can be mounted on 3.5 tonne chassis, but the city prefers to have both a more forgiving machine and one that has a substantial payload for materials and tools etc... thus the 7.5 tonne Mercedes chassis, which in this case has been equipped with large double sided storage boxes, with a substantial payload and plenty of space for bulky and heavy objects.

A further order for three 33 metre T 330 Hybrids and three T 330 HV12 Hybrid was placed with Ruthmann in May. The move is part of the city’s plan to be climate neutral by 2035. Each TBR 230 HV 5 is expected to save an average of around 3,000 litres of diesel a year by using the lithium battery pack to power the superstructure. The elimination of noise and exhaust fumes is also a major benefit when working within parks and cemeteries or alongside hospitals.