First Grove GMK6400-1/GMK645-0-1 in Barbados

Barbadian rental company Crane & Equipment has taken delivery of a 450 tonne Grove GMK6450-1 All Terrain the first to arrive in the Caribbean. The company ordered the new crane with the Mega Winglift super lift system and full luffing jib etc.

The GMK6450-1 is essentially the same as Grove’s GMK6400-1 launched at Bauma last year but with a higher maximum nominal capacity. We do not have a load chart for the GMK6450-1 but assume that it is the same as the GMK400 which is theoretically rated at 2.4 metres. The highest real life capacity is 225 tonnes at three metres with 95 tonnes of counterweight - when equipped with the full 135 tonnes of counterweight the maximum lift capacity is 123 tonnes at eight metres radius due, one assumes, to rearward stability limiting the maximum retracted main boom angle.
The handover

The six axle GMK6400-1 (and 450), features a five section 60 metre main boom, MegaDrive hydrostatic drive train, Maxbase variable outrigger set up system and CCS operating controls. It can be equipped with up to 79 metres of luffing jib for a 136 metre maximum tip height, while Grove’s self-rigging Mega Wing Lift Superlift system increases lift capacities by up to 70 percent on the main boom and up to 400 percent on the luffing jib.
Miguel Millan (L) of Grove/Manitowoc with James Bradshaw of Crane & Equipment

Based in Bridgetown, Crane & Equipment was established at the start of the 1970s as a recovery company, and is now an authorised Palfinger Crane distributor, while also running a rental fleet that includes All Terrains cranes from a 40 tonne City type to the new 450 tonner along with spider cranes and large knuckle booms.

Owner and chief executive James Bradshaw said: “We are very excited to add such an impressive crane to our fleet. We have built a reputation for providing top of the line equipment to our customers in Barbados, and this new Grove will help us reinforce the highest standards of our services.”
link[https://www.facebook.com/reel/871072778055095)(See short video clip)