Crane to the rescue

A crane was used to rescue a man from the roof alongside a burning building in Reading, UK earlier today.

The crane operator, Glen Edwards, 65, sitting in the cab of the luffing jib tower crane was notified that a man was trapped and to attach the man basket. The cage was quickly attached to the hook, allowing Edwards to slew it into position, and lower it to the stranded man. Getting it upright and close to him was a challenge due to the poor visibility caused by the heavy black smoke and flames, alonmg with wind gusts and strong convection currents.

Edwards, the hero of the day said : “It was very close call due to swirling wind. I looked out my left hand window and saw a guy standing on the corner of the building I'd only just seen him, and someone said, 'can you get the cage on', so that was it, we got the man basket on the hook, and I got it over to him the best I could. I tried to put the put it down between him and the flames but was hampered by the wind gusts and visibility through the thick black smoke.”
Glen Edwards following the incident

Here is one of the several videos of the event posted on line.


Mr Edwards,

You and your crew deserve high praise. Because of your quick thinking and actions, a man went home to his family safe and sound.

I salute and commend you all !!

As to these malcontent nincompoops who invariably give thumbs down to these comments,
I give them a thumbs down.......

AND an outstretched middle finger !

Nov 29, 2023

The manual gets thrown out the window at times like this. Clearly a true professional with experience on how to fully utilise his equipment under pressure.

Not all hero’s wear capes! I’m sure he isn’t looking for any plaudits, but he needs to be recognised fully for saving a life.

Nov 24, 2023

Crane lads
Why would people put a thumbs down on the good comments. Very sad people

Nov 24, 2023

IPAF operator.
Seems to be the only worker in Construction not wearing Hi-Viz in 2023. Well done to the crane op.

Nov 24, 2023

If you look for hero in the dictionary, you will find this crane driver

Nov 24, 2023

Graeme Davison
That's the second time in 6 months that the Station Hill Development in Reading has suffered a major fire of that scale - makes you wonder about their control of Hot Works - Great thinking from the team to use the crane, and I guess great thinking from the driver to stay in the crane rather than evacuate when the fire broke out, assuming he thought that having an operational tower crane could only help the emergency services.

Nov 24, 2023

Kevin Morris
Thank God the crane operator was there to rescue the man trapped on the roof as it could have been a catastrophic deeply sad event otherwise. A personal thank you from me for your courageous effort, I can't imagine what thoughts must have been racing around both of your minds up there. What could have been so flammable for the fire to be so intense?

Nov 23, 2023