Swift justice

A contractor working for the National Parks Board in Singapore, has been fined for lifting a load over live traffic. The investigation into the incident and resulting fine was all wrapped up within three days.

The contractor was working on a pedestrian bridge over the six lane Avenue 10 road in the Tampines on the east side of Singapore near Changi Airport. At the time it was lifting what looks like a one tonne bulk material bag over three lanes street and was spotted by vigilante group called SG Road Vigilante which posts examples such as poor driving or parking on Facebook every day.

The incident occurred and was posted last Wednesday – November 22nd. The organisation responsible for the road and footbridge – Nparks - immediately directed the contractor to cease lifting operations and asked it to send the work crew for safety re-training, while it investigated the incident.

Oh Cheow Sheng, group director of Streetscape at NParks, confirmed the incident, stating that the contractor had been carrying out planting works on the overhead bridge. He added: “NParks takes all cases and feedback related to safety seriously.” On Friday the organisation issued a safety infringement fine, having completed its investigation.


Welcome to Singapore, they don't mess around !!

Nov 27, 2023