2nd LTC 1050-3.1 for LJP

Canadian formwork contracting and rental company Les Constructions LJP has taken delivery of its second 50 tonne Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 city type All Terrain crane.

The three axle LTC 1050-3.1 features the original five section 36 metre telematic main boom plus a 7.5 to 13 metre bi-fold swingaway extension. Other features include a 7.8 metre elevating cab and the RemoteDrive system which allows the operator to control the crane chassis via remote control.
The handover

Owner Sylvain Côté said: “We've had our first LTC 1050-3.1 for around a year. It is one of our favourite cranes because it’s so compact. The LTC can do the jobs of larger cranes because its dimensions allow it to get closer to the load. We also appreciate the elevating cab because you simply have a better view at this height. That's why we decided to purchase another."
(L-R) Axel and Maxime Côté of LJP, Simon Schuster of Liebherr, Sylvain Côté of LJP, Lee Spalding of Liebherr and Sebastien Côté of LJP.

Based in Montréal, Quebec, LJP was founded in 1975 by Côté's father, with the business passing to the second generation in 1991. Shortly after taking over, Côté was obliged to sell his house in order to keep the company running following a recession, a decision that appears to have paid off in spades.

In 2008, the company purchased its first tower crane, and now runs a fleet of 19, including flat tops, luffers and hammerhead cranes along with Liebherr's Derrick crane. In 2017 the company expanded into mobiles and now runs a fleet of mostly Liebherr All Terrains from 45 to 450 tonnes. The company currently employs over 400 and also runs telescopic crawlers and concrete pumps.