New 'Falcon 330 Wheel'

Danish spider lift manufacturer Falcon has introduced a new 33 metre all-electric wheeled spider lift, the ‘Falcon 330 Wheel’. The new machine is based on the Falcon 290 Wheel and its predecessor the FS290 and FS320.
A Falcon FS 290

In addition to a full 33 metres of working height, it has a maximum outreach of 14 metres at an up & over height of just over eight metres with 100kg in the platform, while the maximum platform capacity of 200kg is available at an outreach of just over 13 metres.
The drawings illustrate the 330 Wheel’s working envelope and the versatility of its double jointed jib

It achieves this with a five section telescopic boom, topped by a long double jointed articulating jib, providing all manner of reach capabilities, such as ‘under & up’ and ‘over & down' etc... Below ground reach is approximately five metres.
The five section boom and two section jib are ideal for airports and large atrium areas

In spite of its working height the machine is just 800mm wide when stowed, with an overall height of 1.98 metres, and overall length of 7.2 metres and an overall weight of just 4,150kg allowing passage through a standard single doorway.
The Falcon FS320

In terms of outrigger set up a wide range of configurations are possible with widths between 1.4 metres at the front to between 3.6 and 5.4 metres at the rear. It also has the ability of up to one metre of levelling.