Jaso launches Monorail

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Jaso has launched a new material lifting attachment for its GP40 mastclimber - dubbed the ‘Monorail system’.

The Monorail is essentially an overhead lifting beam with a travelling hoist, it is supported by a chain set to an external climbing type frame above the platform’s drive frames. The hoist has a maximum capacity of 500kg in all configurations. The maximum combined platform and hoist capacity is 2,300kg and 4,550kg respectively.
A single mast installation up to 10.2m

Once attached the users raise the platform, complete with the monorail, to the top of the mast or masts. The climbing frames are then pinned into place. The platform can then descend to the work area. A classic application is cladding installation, where the hoist can be used to lift the cladding panels into position, avoiding manhandling the panels from the platform, or having awkward lifting devices attached to the platform itself.
Twin mast up to 29.36m

The 1.5 metre or 830mm long monorail modules are the same as the mast climber platform sections allowing loads to be travelled across the full platform length, it can also be assembled at different phases of the work. The maximum length for a single mast platform is 10.2 metres while 29.36 metres is possible with a twin mast installation.
The twin mast Monorail in action

The video below shows how the system works, far better than any words can.

Dick Huitema of Jaso said: “The new Monorail System combines efficiency, versatility and reliability to redefine façade cladding operations. We believe that this new product represents a paradigm shift solution, paving the way for unprecedented developments in vertical construction work.”