Crane overturn in UK

An aluminium boomed truck crane overturned on Monday at a jobsite in the UK, thankfully no one was hurt or injured.

The crane, a three tonne Klaas 1003 from the A-Lift Crane Hire fleet, lost stability while working on a house building job. With the boom full extended and the retracted telescopic luffing jib at a slight offset, it appears the front, load side outrigger jack buckled, causing the loss of stability, although it is possible that this occured as the crane tilted forward.

The recovery was well organised and swift with another crane from the A-Lift fleet joined by a team from heavy recovery company CMG, with one of its heavy wrecker trucks and a loader crane.

A-Lift Crane Hire has been asked for a comment, but has so far not responded.


A similar accident happened this Friday in central Italy: a 2-axle Multitel, in this case used in man basket config, overturned due to sunken stabiliser, injuring two

May 27, 2024

Its a 6t Klaas

May 23, 2024