New telehandler panel handling attachment

Magni has unveiled a new attachement for lifting and Installing large individual flat panels with a telehandler in high and awkward to reach locations.

Magni believes that its new product will make it far easier, to position such panels, especially at heights beyond the reach of glazing robots and spider cranes.
Designed for use with its 360 degree models, it has been dubbed the Vacuum ‘ER-Litocran 700 – yes it’s a bit of a mouthful - it comprises a power pack, a short two section telescopic jib mounted on a slew ring with 180 degrees of rotation, and 90 degrees of articulation above and 90 degrees below horizontal topped by a vacuum head.

A four suction cup vacuum head has 360 degrees of rotation, and can be manually tilted by up to 90 degrees for placing panels in the vertical plane on a wall or horizontally to a ceiling, all of which provides an incredible range of manipulation. It has been specifically designed to handle large glass, metal or ceramic/marble panels weighing up to 500kg. A larger eight cup head can manage 700kg. It can be operated via a remote controller from a point with a clear view of the placement point.

We are hoping that Magni is working on a video of the attachment in action to demonstrate it versatility and have suggested that it does so if one is not already in production.