800t crawler for Hofmann

German crane and access rental company Hofmann has taken delivery of an 800 tonne Liebherr LR 1800-1.0 lattice crawler crane.

The LR 1800-1.0 can be rigged with a main boom of up to 180 metres when equipped with derrick boom and suspended ballast, and topped with a 39 metre fixed offset jib for a maximum system length of 219 metres. Maximum boom without the back mast is 114 metres. A 102 metre luffing jib is also available and can be combined with 108 metres of main boom, the 39 metre derrick boom and VarioTray suspended counterweight system.
The LR 1800-1.0 on its first job, installing a 68 tonne nacelle in Prüm

The crane’s first job was to assemble two 160 metre 5.7 Nordex wind turbines on a former military site in Bitburg-Prüm, western Germany. With a rotor diameter of 163 metres, the turbines are capable of supplying several thousand households with electricity and were installed in two weeks.

Hofmann operator, Valerij Ren said: “I was previously on the LR 1700-1.0 and can say that Liebherr crawler cranes are generally simple and easy to operate. In particular, the monitors embedded in the armrests for monitoring the winches really make the work easier.”
Operator Valerij Ren

“We have to completely dismantle the LR 1800-1.0 within a week and reassemble it near the second system in Prüm, 300 metres from our current location. This was done with six people and a 100 tonne assist crane. The new Liebherr crawler crane is extremely easy to assemble."

The heaviest components of the machine are the two 60 tonne crawler carriers. In total the crane has an overall weight of around 900 tonnes and can be transported on around 60 trailers. To reduce the number of transport vehicles when moving to a new operating location, the six and 12 metre sections of the main boom, luffing jib and fixed jib can stow in side each other so that three sections take up the space of one.
The auto variable suspended ballast system

Hofmann Kranvermietung is based in Paderborn and has been part of the Bracht group since 1988, while also being a Partnerlift member. The crane rental business was launched in 1962, and now includes a fleet of 44 telescopic and crawler cranes topped by the 800 tonner. The total fleet size, including aerial work platforms is around 250 machines.


The self erecting/climbling cranes in this industry will dominant the future. I would be very hesitant in investing in crawlers for this market.

Jul 12, 2024