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Morrow orders high speed Scando 650s

Morrow Equipment has ordered 10 Alimak Scando 650 FC-S dual hoist systems. This is one of the first big orders for the new Alimak high-speed hoist following its introduction at Bauma 2007. Each hoist car has a capacity of 3,100 kg and length of 3.9 metres.
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The Alimak Scando 650 FC-S

Morrow has also signed a contract for 20 new single car Scando 650 units.

The new high speed hoist, Scando 650 FC-S, offers speeds of up to 100 metres per minute, needs no counterweight and can use the entire line of modules and additions available for the Scando 650 family.
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(L-R)Rick and John Morrow of Morrow Equipment

Morrow is the leading tower-crane rental company in North America and runs around 200 Alimak hoists in its fleet. The order includes Alimak Hek’s new A3 online remote control system, allowing the remote collection of operational information and data, such as time and number of starts and stops, hours in operation, etc.


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