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Spot that lift for £1,000

The 34 metre Bronto S34MDT, stolen from Loxam UK, last month, has been spotted three times along the M62 corridor in the Northern England. Loxam is offering a £1,000 reward to anyone providing informaiton that helps secure the return of the machine.
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The lift, mounted on an Iveco chassis has registration plate FJ57NHV, serial number 5543-469 and the fleet number 48330024. The lift is still in Loxams’s distinctive red and white colour scheme, but the company name has been removed.

If you see it or have information that could lead to its recovery, call the police on 01924 295602, quoting Crime reference number 13090146529. PC Glen Costello is handling the case.
Or dial 999.

Alternatively if the idea of calling the police sends shivers down your spine, call Keith Smith at Loxam on direct line 44(0)115 900 8866. Or feel free to call or email Vertikal and we will pass on the information.