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Genie adds high capacity models

Genie is launching four new dual-capacity versions of its S60 and S80 telescopic boom lifts, with a 565 kgs limited outreach capacity in addition to the normal 227kg/500lbs unrestricted capacity.

The dual capacity option will be available on the Genie S-60X, the S-60XC, the S-60 Trax, and the S-80X. The maximum number of occupants permitted in the platform has also been increased to three.

The units sold to ANSI and CSA standards will have an additional control switch to select the required capacity, the machine then automatically sets the relevant working envelope according to this input.

If, having selected the higher capacity, the operator reaches the maximum outreach permitted, the machine will stop and a light on the console will flash. If he wishes to carry on he will have to switch to the alternative working envelope he must change the setting before continuing.
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The dual capacity Genie S-80X

Genie says that the system offers some other benefits including a ramped boom control system with smooth boom function due to angle sensors and limit switches, resulting in finer control, a simplified hydraulic system and a heavy duty platform to cope with the increased platform loading.

The ratings and outreach are as follows:
S-60 X
Heavy mode - 454 kg/1,000 lbs – 12.1m/40ft outreach
Unrestricted mode -227kg/500lbs – 15.4m/51ft outreach

S-60 TraX
Heavy mode -500kgs/1,100lbs – 12.1m/40ft outreach
Unrestricted -300kgs/660lbs – 15.4m/51ft outreach

S-60 XC
Heavy mode- 567kgs/1,250lbs – 12.1m/40 ft outreach
Unrestricted -340kgs/750lbs – 15.4m/51 ft outreach

S-80 X
Heavy mode -454kgs/1,000lbs – 17.9m/59ft outreach
Unrestricted – 227kgs/500lbs – 21.6m/71.5ft outreach
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The chart of the top capacity Genie S-60XC

Frank Schneider, Genie booms product manager said: “The dual capacity of the work platform now allows the operator the choice of setting the appropriate capacity for the necessary operation."

"Although there are other dual capacity products in the industry, the Genie dual capacity booms are the only ones which allow the operator the ability to select the desired maximum load capacity that automatically restricts the operating envelope.”

The new booms will be available in all ANSI, CSA and Australian markets beginning March 1st, 2010. The CE version will be different if it is produced.


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