Big boiler lifts

Crane Hire Ltd of Dublin, Ireland had the challenge of moving boilers weighing 195 tonnes and measuring 14.5 x 6.6 x 7.1 metres, lifting them over a set of overhead wires and then into a very tight location. The solution a series of highly planned tandem lifts with 500 and 750 tonne telescopic cranes.

For the lifts over the wires the 500 tonne crane operated at a maximum radius of 14 metres at which it has a capacity of 111 tonnes. The 750 tonner operated at up to 19.82 metres with a capacity of 111.2 tonnes.

Positioning the first boiler was straight forward enough with the 750 tonne crane having ample capacity though the 500 had to lift 102.88 tonnes at 11.95 metres. The final positioning was extremely tight with the 500 tonner short rigged where it handled up to 109 tonnes at a nine metre radius, The 750 tonne unit handled 99.74 tonnes at 21.57 metres. There being very little space for the cranes to slew between the boilers and boom clearance was absolutely critical and manoeuvring the load around the cabs a challenge. The cranes had to be positioned and set up in precisely the right position. In the end the lift went precisely to plan. The lifts were planned and managed with the Crane Manager from Cranimax.