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Crane goes over in Shreveport

A truck crane overturned in Shreveport, Louisiana yesterday, dropping its boom into the lobby of a retirement home.

The telescopic crane, a four axle Grove truck crane, said to be owned and operated by Joyce Crane, apparently had around 30 metres of its main boom extended and was installing an air conditioning unit when it lost stability.

An employee of the home was struck by a roof tile and was taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up. No one else was injured or harmed.
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The overturned crane

The home’s operator Willis Knighton said that 109 residents had been taken to other buildings on the site while the damage is assessed. The crane also damaged gas and electrical lines.
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The boom of the crane crashed into the retirement home's lobby

Vertikal Comment

It looks as though one of the load side outrigger beams was either not fully extended or retracted when the crane tipped and almost certainly explains the incident.

A statement from the homes safety engineer said that the crane'e hydraulics had failed and that the outrigger started to retract on its own. It is hard to understand quite how that could/would happen, when under load and level, although what looks like an oil pool under the retracted outrigger beam supports the hydraulic failure statement.

Other than that it would be a case of overload/lifting to a radius beyond the stability load chart.


are there outrigger pins on this crane? if there is then maybe this might not have happened.

Oct 16, 2011

why in every case when a pic of a crane overturned and a rigger either in or partially in its decided that the operator never had it extended all the way,can you not understand that in the case of a crane tipping over the side that when it rises to a certain angle 1 if not both outriggers will retract with the weight of the crane pushing down on them and if they are not pinned when extended this scenario is more likely.
Maybe think about the situation you see in pictures before jumping to conclusions im sure im not the only one of this opinion

Sep 21, 2011

Sorry for repeats.NOTE: Don't hit refresh button!!!

Sep 21, 2011

My first thought after looking at the top pic is counterweights. Or I should say "lack of".

Sep 21, 2011

My first thought after looking at the top pic is counterweights. Or I should say "lack of".

Sep 21, 2011

I would like to see weight and where it is on load chart. It seems as if he was overloaded below the stability line of chart. Hydraulic failure came after tipover? Likely. Was outrigger out all the way? If it was, then the weight of the load would have prevented it from retracting, unless he was overloaded.

Sep 20, 2011

Steve Sparrow
If the outrigger retracted during the lift (which is unlikely, if not impossible) it would have been through the fence when they set up.

Simple case of more load than chart I would say!

Sep 20, 2011