Dingli offers hybrid option

Dingli has announced a new hybrid/range extender option for its all 4x4 electric boom lifts.

The company is to offer buyers the option to add a small diesel power pack with built in generator which can top up the lithium ion battery power pack, either when the lifts is in use or as a remote recharging system.

The option is aimed at sites where recharging points are few or not present at all, which remains the case in many countries. The company says that with a full tank of fuel, the machine can operate for a full 30 days of daily use without the need for refuelling.
The diesel engine recharges the battery pack either during operation or when not in use

The Range Extender is available on all Dingli booms over 66ft/22 metres and offers two modes of operation, Manual mode, where users can switch between operating the lift as a pure electric machine or with the engine running so that the battery pack remains fully charged. Or Automatic mode, in which the diesel automatically cuts in and starts recharging the battery pack when its state of charge falls below 30 percent and stops when the state of charge reaches 90 percent.


They abound
Nifty have been making this stuff for years. Genie and JLG do it. Even Skyjack have them.

Jul 18, 2022

They abound
Yep, I remember them. Upright. Fold down deck extension, wire mesh guard. Movable Anderson plug to charge, or it stayed flat.

Jul 17, 2022

Who knew. Anyone? XL24s........

Jul 17, 2022

They abound
Oh, that looks original.

Jul 15, 2022
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