Vertikal Days leaves Peterborough

Friday May 12th at 17:05: The last exhibits are loaded in preparation to leave Vertikal Days in Peterborough, returning the site to the same clear state as it was six days earlier.

This was sadly the last Vertikal Days at the East of England location due to its closure in July. A new location, including dates, will be announced for Vertikal Days 2024 before the end of the month. If you have some suggestions for a new venue, we would love to hear from you over the next few days, as barring a surprise last minute revelation, a new contract will be signed next week.

The Vertikal Days team thank all of the exhibitors, sponsors and visitors that help make this one of the best ever, in spite of numerous challenges ranging from an unplanned public holiday, escalating costs, boggy car parks and the ongoing threat of dreadful weather.
Vertikal Days team members raise their glasses to the successful 2023 event


Peter Douglas
Thank you Vertikal team for an amazing event. The party on Wednesday was the best yet for me and you guys did a brilliant job as always across the whole event. Well done to all. Peter Douglas

May 14, 2023